Quelques mots sur la Prise de la Bastille ...

Friday 14 July 2006

Bonjour, amis de la Libre Pensee!

"The mighty are only mighty because we are on our knees. Let us rise!"

Camille Desmoulins

"A person came in and announced the taking of the Bastille, the governor of which is beheaded, a crowd carries his head in triumph through the city. Yesterday it wa the fashion at Versailles not to believe there were any disturbances in Paris. I presume today’s transactions will induce a conviction that all is not perfectly quiet."

Gouverneur Morris, a framer of US Constitution, at the Royal Gardens of Versailles, July 14, 1789

"If I could have found 2,000 men filled with the anger that tore my
heart, I would have placed myself at their head, stabbed Lafayette to
death, burned the despot in his palace and impaled our odious
representatives on their benches. When I proposed this to
Robespierre, he listened to me in horror, paled and remained silent."

Jean-Paul Marat, L’ami du peuple.

"One must frighten those who govern; one must never frighten the people."

Antoine Saint-Just

votre ami Fred, le Marat de Kansas,